What to do if the melody isn’t loud enough

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The most critical element of music for church singing is the melody line. Without a clear melody, only those who know the song really well can sing with any confidence. The exception to this is where you have a live instrument providing the lead line along with the midi file. In that case our chosen lead instrument would have a volume of zero.
Sometimes you may find the melody line, usually provided by the instrument on channel 4, isn’t strong enough for your requirements. Alternately, the instrument used for the melody may not play strongly enough from your MIDI player.
We’ll pick the song there is none like you. The melody in this song is a nylon string guitar, which may not be strong in some MIDI players.
Let’s listen to it for a moment. (play)
Initially we will stay with the same instrument.
There are three controls that all affect the volume – volume, reverb and chorus
• Volume is simply loudness
• Reverb is the sound “bounce” – the sort of bounce you get in a large hall
• Chorus is the “fatness” of the sound, a little like having multiple sources of the same instrument almost, but not quite, playing the same note.
Collectively those three settings allow you to modify the effective volume in slightly different ways. You get to trial and choose.
Watch and listen to the melody as we select a few different combinations and play a short sample. Firstly increasing volume (play) … now increasing reverb (play) … now increasing chorus (play) … and now all three (play).
Did you hear the subtle difference between the settings? I’m sure you heard the difference when they were all set on maximum.
Alternatively, of course, you can select a different instrument for the job. In that case, test carefully. Many instruments are quite unsuitable for melody, and not every melody suited instrument is suitable in every song.
That completes this short training video. We truly hope My-MIDI helps your ministry. God bless you and your people.


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