How to remove unwanted musical extras in My-MIDI

My-MIDI is our online tool for easily customizing MIDI files you have purchased from
This short video considers what to do if our MIDI file has musical sections that you don’t want.
This might include:
• A lengthy introduction
• An interlude, often after a chorus
• A lengthy ending.
For this exercise we’ll choose the song “Angels from the Realm of Glory”.
The first thing to check is whether there are any comments to guide you. In this case there are, and following the advice in these comments can save you some time testing alternatives.
Following the advice in the comments, we can quickly remove music not needed for standard church use, with only one chorus at the end. We remove the first introduction , Interlude 1, and all sections from “Chorus 2” to “Interlude 2 part 2”. Job done.
If there were no comments to guide us, we offer the following advice:
• When there are two sections to an introduction it is almost always better to keep the second section.
• When one or more interludes appear in the middle of a song, it is best to remove and test, making sure there is enough of a pause before singing restarts. Note the “Reset” radio button in the playback area to quickly restore all settings and sections to how they started.
• If shortening the ending to a song, always test to see if you’re happy with the way it plays out. In most cases we have created options only when we know they will work for you. However an abrupt or uncomfortable ending is bad music, so please test to be safe.
That completes this short training video. We truly hope My-MIDI helps your ministry. God bless you and your people.

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